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  • Watch SpaceX's CRS-16 Mission Live

    Mercredi, 05 décembre 2018 13:09:00 De: Inverse articles Feed

    SpaceX will attempt to send more science to the International Space Station on Wednesday for the CRS-16 mission, launching from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

    Watch Inverse science editor Yasmin Tayag and video producer Justin Dodd host the live stream of this, the 20th SpaceX launch of 2018, part of a mission to send cargo to the ISS, some 220 miles above Earth.

    The Falcon 9 has previously launched and landed. On, February 19, 2017 (654 days ago if you’re keeping score at home), the same rocket took off from Florida and landed back at LZ-1, where it is scheduled to return today. That first mission was also one that went to the ISS, the CRS-10 mission. Here’s an animated GIF of that landing on LZ-1 (Landing Zone 1):

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